May 17, 2007

Planetariums are a Great Way to Get Going

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When you’re willing to wait on line for hours to see the Mona Lisa, you know
you’re an art lover.

Before, I waxed nostalgic to myself for a while, remembering why museums
always conjure up for me such pleasant memories.  One of the first non-museum
museums I remember going to was the Hayden Planetarium, which is one of the
coolest places ever.  Looking back, I think I may have liked it because you can
sit down (as a whiny, overweight kid, I would always get so-o-o-o-o tired so
fast in museums), and very little of what I learned actually sunk in.  I can
find the Big Dipper but that’s about it.  I even got a C in astronomy in college
so I guess the stars and planets are just not my thing.  Still, I have good
memories of the planetarium and it was one of the first museumy-type things I
did with my own kids when they were the right age.  My parents took us to the
Jewish Museum also when we were kids but although I’m Jewish to the core, it
didn’t do it for me.  It wasn’t until I went to my first art museum – and I
think it was the Guggenheim – that I realized that art rules.  I went on to
major in English  in college (reading and writing will always be #1 with me) but
I did a minor in Art History, so I guess I really do love the stuff.  I remember
when I was about 10 years old the Mona Lisa came to New York.  It was the winter – of course – and
really, really cold.  But my Mom and my sister and I stood on line for hours
just to catch a glimpse of the famous smile.  And as young as I was, and as
boring and cold as it was on line, and as brief a peek as we were allowed to
have (and from a distance of at least 10 feet), I remember that my young self
was impressed.  It was a combination of seeing something famous in person and
realizing that it was famous for a reason.  Years later, I told my kids, “That
Leonardo guy was more than just a Ninja Turtle.”  I’ll be ba-a-a-ck.

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  1. Rob said,

    The best Planetarium in the world is the Burke-Baker Planetarium in Houston, Texas. It is part of the Museum of Natural Science and has wonderful displays and shows, including many space programs (due to its proximity to NASA/JSC). A great place for the whole family!

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