August 9, 2007

Gaudi and Barcelona

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Barcelona, Spain is a wonderful city to visit – in particular for its
celebration of Antoni Gaudi’s wild imagination.

Park Guell

Antoni Gaudi’s Park Guell is a park and an outdoor museum combined.  It was
commissioned by Gaudi’s friend and patron, Eusebi Guell, who wanted a stylish
park for the Barcelona aristocracy.  There were to have been homes, villas a
community within the park, but this never took off.  Instead we find amazing
stone structures, magnificent tiling and fascinating, imaginative buildings.

When I visited Park Guell it was a bright, sunny Sunday.  This meant that the
Park would be full of both tourists and local Barcelonians because it is a
charming place to walk, rest and let children play.  At the entrance to the park
there is a huge dragon fountain who seems to be climbing a flight of steps.  The
whole thing is constructed of brightly colored tiles, mosaic-like and most
unusual.  It is almost impossible to get a picture of the dragon due to the
crowds around it – especially on a Sunday.

An Enchanted Forest

Visitors to Park Guell have the feeling that they are entering an enchanting
forest.  There are mushroom shaped pavilions interspersed along the paths
through the beautiful trees.  There is a multi-colored tiled “rolling bench”,
serpentine like a snake, along a high terrace where one can see a lovely view of
the city of Barcelona.  And underneath this bench is a room of columns (which
actually support the terrace) whose ceiling is adorned with circular medallion
like designs all made of colorful mosaic tiles.  Gaudi’s magical combination of
sculpture and nature produces a curious, hypnotic effect.  Park Guell is
definitely not to be missed when visiting Barcelona!

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