August 20, 2007

A Soothing Museum to Relax In

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The Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv is located on a very large garden site which surrounds an ancient archeological dig called Tel Qasile.

Fun, Fascinating and Full of Charm

In North Tel Aviv, just across the Yarkon River, can be found one of the more attractive and soothing museums in the world.  It is made up of many pavilions spread out over large and expansive gardens with old shade trees, benches to sit and rest, cool breezes even in the summer heat, a well-appointed museum gift shop and a charming cafe for light meals and drinks.

The museum focuses on the history and the culture of the Land of Israel, from prehistoric times to modern days.  There is a Glass Pavilion with exquisite exhibits of old Roman glass and ancient pottery alongside modern Venetian blown glass sculptures.  There is also a fascinating Coin and Money Pavilion.  In the many times I have visited this museum, I have always skipped this building.  However, I had a guest from abroad who is a coin collector, so the last time I was there, we went through the coin exhibits, and I was amazed at how fascinating the history of money could be.  There is also a charming Postal and Stamps Pavilion showing the development of the postal services and the stamps of Israel since 1948, when the State of Israel was established.  The Folklore Pavilion exhibits show the various ethnic groups that have lived and thrived in the land of Israel since the time of the Canaanites, and the small Planetarium features changing shows on the universe and the world of astronomy, especially attractive to children. There is also an Educational area for workshops, seminars and hands-on interactive displays for school children.

The winding pathways that lead from one pavilion to the other wend their ways through the gardens, the large shade trees and many flowering plants.  One never feels crowded or rushed.  It is quiet and tranquil throughout.  Before leaving the museum site, it is definitely worthwhile visiting the gift shop which offers a large selection of gifts and craft items all made in Israel.

In summary, the Eretz Israel Museum is a lovely place to get away from the crowded city throngs and traffic and still imbibe some history and culture.


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