July 28, 2008

The San Francisco MOMA

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San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art

I love to visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) whenever I get to that beautiful city.  First of all, the building itself is a pleasure to behold.  An elegant modern space designed by the Swiss architect Mario Botta, it lends itself to its own stated mission:  to be one of the most innovative museums of modern and contemporary art in the world.

The museum opened in 1935 and was called the San Francisco Museum of Art.  The Modern was added in 1975 when it was decided that it would only contain modern and contemporary art.  The museum’s permanent collection, containing Magrittes, Rauschenbergs, Ellsworths and more, is always a pleasure to behold.  But the museum also specializes in bringing very successful visiting exhibits.  In 2002 they presented a Marc Chagall exhibit that drew over 120,000 visitors to the museum in one month – an unprecedented number!

The museum also installed an educational facility in 2003 and carries on activities in coordination with schools in the area.  It is the only educational facility at an American art museum that offers “drop-in” public access.

No matter when you visit the SF MOMA, there is always something interesting going on to see and do.



  1. nousha.com said,

    Your love for this museum makes us want to visit it again soon!

  2. Aupusher said,

    Indeed there is always something interesting at the SF MOMA. On occasion, they show works from these guys: http://www.masterworksfineart.com . They’ve also donated to the MOMA, which is always good.

    If you are in the Bay Area, I would definitely suggest looking into what the MOMA is showing, because some of it is really amazing. And it’s usually pretty cheap to get in, about $10.

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