January 4, 2009

A Great Place to Get Out of the Cold

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The Fondation Bemberg
The Fondation Bemberg in Toulouse, France, is a private museum displaying a permanent collection of paintings, bronzes, furniture and other works of art. Most are from the Renaissance and the French Modern School. The Fondation is housed in one of Toulouse’s finest mansions built in 1555 for a wealthy merchant.

The museum is divided into 13 rooms, each one with its own main theme:
The Venetian Room, The Louis XVI Room, The Bindings Room (a small room with a wonderful display of royal books in superb bindings), The Fireplace Room, The European Room, The Portrait Gallery, The Coursiere Room, The Pointillist Room, The Fantin-Latour Room, The Fauve Room, The Impressionist Room, The Bonnard Room, and The Drawing Room.

It was really a wonderful place to spend two or three hours out of the cold gazing at some superb paintings by the Venetian Canaletto, the Italian Tintoretto, The German Cranach, and the French Fantin-Latour. Most impressive was the Bonnard Room with an unusual collection of 30 paintings by Pierre Bonnard. The Impressionist Room held a few enchanting Monet’s and several Gauguins, while the Drawing Room displayed several early Picassos, Degas, Toulouse-Lautred and Modigliani.

I was delighted to have found this lovely museum in Toulouse.


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