January 12, 2009

The Rubin Museum in Tel Aviv

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The House of Reuven Rubin
Already a well-known artist in his homeland of Rumania, Reuven Rubin immigrated to Israel (then Palestine) with the dream of painting in the old/new home of the Jews. He arrived in 1922 and went immediately to Jerusalem. But then he realized that the warm, bright colors he was really looking for were to be found in Tel Aviv, and in 1923 he made his home in Tel Aviv. What later became the “Rubin House” was built in 1930 for the Topelitz family. It is built in the strict Bauhaus style which was much sought after by Europeans. At first the Rubins rented the top (second floor), and later they bought the entire house. It has been theirs ever since.

At present, the Rubin paintings displayed on the first floor are all from the 1920’s. They depict scenes from the port of Jaffa, the sand dunes and first homes of Tel Aviv plus two self-portraits – one with his wife and the other of himself alone. All of the paintings show Rubin’s enchantment with the bright colors of a Mediterranean country as opposed to the darker colors he had been used to in Rumania. The paintings are in a very naive style reminiscent of the style of Henri Rousseau, but also imbuing the viewer with Rubin’s sense of hope and optimism in this new Jewish homeland.


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