February 15, 2009

Steamtown National Train Museum, Scranton PA

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If you are interested in classic steam powered trains, you should visit the Steam town National Train Museum in Scranton, PA. This vast museum has two huge exhibits: the indoor rail yard and the outdoor classic trains. Set aside at least three hours if you want to do both. If you are brining kids, set aside four. In fact, whenever you want to go home, you will have to drag them away.

There is something about seeing a huge steam powered locomotive up close that takes your breath away. Inside the rail yard, there are about thirty examples of locomotives and passenger cars from days gone by. Many of them are open and you can walk through and see how the old rail men lived and worked on board these giants. You learn a bit of history too as the descriptions tell about how important steam trains were to opening the Western United States.

When you finish with the rail yard, walk across the street for some real fun. First, you can go through President Teddy Roosevelt’s famous Presidential rail car. Then, check the schedule because every half an hour, an actual steam train goes on about a 5 miles scenic ride. Tickets are only a few bucks and everyone will have an amazing time.

The train museum is a real gem. Few people know about it but it is one of the best organized museums I have ever visited. Make sure to plan a family stop in Scranton next time you are in the area.



  1. Bill said,

    Planning to vist you this summer, looking for info right now. Live in rochester NY.

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