March 29, 2009

Museum of Money

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The American Museum of Finance is appropriately located just steps from Wall Street, the world’s financial capital. Now at a glance, it may seem odd to have a museum dedicated to the complicated subject of world finance. Yet step inside and you will see that the exhibits of the museum make the subject matter come alive. For example, the image that everyone has of Wall Street is of a place where technology allows massive amounts of money to be moved in split seconds by frenzied traders speaking on two telephones at once. Yet Wall Street and the stock markets have been around much longer than high technology. The exhibit “Trading on the Street” documents that more than 200 year history of the exchange. It shows what the market was like when instead of instant messages runners literally ran carrying scraps of paper between traders. Forget about the iconic electronic “ticket,” originally stock prices were written on a giant chalk board. Another exhibit explains a modern event, the current credit crisis that is affecting world wide finance. The exhibit traces the crisis back years and compares it to the Great Depression. After seeing this exhibit, you will be much relieved that the current situation is nothing like what happened in the 1930s. Everything is laid out in easy to understand and realistic displays. If you get hungry, do not fear. The museum is located just steps from Wall Street and some of the finest dining in new York is available just around the block. Go for a few hours in the morning, grab a quick bite, and then return for a little more time in the afternoon. Seeing the whole museum in one day is definitely possible and worthwhile.


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