April 26, 2009

The British Museum

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One of the most famous museums in the entire world is the British Museum in London. Admission is free and you can spend literally days going through the exhibits. If you only have one day, don’t even try to see everything. Choose a few of the exhibits that interest you most and spend your time there. It will be a much more rewarding visit. One of the most famous exhibits is the huge collection from ancient Egypt. You will see artifacts dating back tens of thousands of years. There is also a fascinating model of the ancient Pyramids at Ramses. Of course there is also the mummy section where real, mummified remains of ancient Pharos are preserved. It is both interesting and a bit morbid. Not to be done is the wing focused on Ancient Greece. See how ancient Greek art developed and learn about Greek mythology. To the Greeks, their Gods were everything and they developed a very complicated understanding of nature based on divine force. Other models shed light on the ancient Olympic games and the first real world wars — those between Greece and Carthage. Throughout the museum, the history of British colonialism enfolds in rich diversity. How one little island could end up having dominion over so much of the world is a wonder. yet the museum pulls no punches. Clearly displayed are examples of when colonials had a detrimental effect on native cultures and societies. If you are visiting London, by all means spend some time here. you will learn much about the British Empire and much of world history. You can easily come for the day since there are well supplied areas to eat and there is a truly extraordinary gift shop. Besides the usual tourist fare of t-shirts and key rings, you can purchase great books about all sorts of subjects displayed in the museum, including the Egyptian mummies.


April 5, 2009

The Intrepid Museum

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If you like military history, you must visit the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum in New York. The whole museum is on board the former U.S. Navy aircraft carry Intrepid. The Intrepid was one of the Navy’s longest serving aircraft carriers and saw action in many of the wars fought by America. Now you can learn about the Intrepid and what life was like for the thousands of sailors and airmen who served on her over the many decades the ship was in service.

On the flight deck, there are replicas of all the different type of aircraft that have been stationed on board the Intrepid. This includes both fixed wing aircraft as well as helicopters. Some of them are open so you can actually sit in the cockpit and try imagine what it would be like to flight a fighter plane or rescue helicopter.

The Intrepid took part in several recoveries of space capsules back in the early days of space exploration. Long before the space shuttle landed on runways out in the desert, the space capsule was the only part of a spaceship that could be recovered. NASA programmed the landings to occur in the middle of the ocean to minimize the risk. It was up to the aircraft of the Intrepid to quickly find the capsules and rescue the astronauts inside. A replica of one of the capsules along with the recovery gear used sits on top of the Intrepid flight deck for all to see.

The museum shop is a great place if you are any sort of military history buff. you can also buy gear like sweatshirts and caps there. All of them have the logo of the Intrepid on them and all the proceeds go to support the museum. If you are in New York, this is really a must see, especially if you have kids with you