May 3, 2009

The Lofotr Viking Museum

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Do the tales of the ancient Viking fascinate you? Well, if you happen to be in Norway, you must go the the Lofotr Viking Museum in Northern Norway. This museum is actually a reconstruction of a Viking Chieftain’s home in Norway. It is a small village and volunteers wearing period costumes wander about and teach visitors about the ancient Viking way of life. See the wooden vessels upon which the Viking set out from Norway and sailed the world. Learn about the agriculture that was the basis of Viking communities. While the men went to sea frequently, the woman made sure that there would always be plenty of food harvested from the communal farms. When the men returned from their conquests, there would be communal celebrations lasting several days in a row. You can experience all that at the Lofotr museum. You even get to eat the hearty Viking soup in the celebration hall as you learn more about the Vikings. Did you know that long before Europeans sailed the oceans, the Viking were already crossing them in their tiny ships? How could these ships stay afloat through Atlantic Ocean storms. The Viking volunteers explain everything to you and if you still have questions, they will be glad to answer them while you eat your delicious and hearty Viking soup. Just don’t leave without your Viking t-shirt. You will want to tell everyone back home where you were and what you did. When you finish at the museum it is just a short drive to the world famous Norwegian fjords. Stay at any one of the dozens of great spas in Northern Norway and your trip will be complete.


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