May 11, 2009

The Tobacco Farm Museum

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Although it may not be for everyone, anyone who wants to understand the culture of family tobacco farms in North Carolina must visit the Tobacco Family Farm Museum in Kenley, North Carolina. For over twenty years, the Tobacco Farm Museum has been preserving the history and cultural heritage of tobacco farmers living in Eastern North Carolina. The museum was actually initiated by a few local families who were proud of their past and had a strong volunteer spirit. With modern technology rendering the way of life of their parents and grandparents obsolete, these families wanted to be able to show future generations this special history of the Eastern North Carolina tobacco farms. The museum is now internationally recognized and accredited. Thousands of visitors every year come to Kenley to learn about the old family farms. The museum’s staff continues to interpret and present this important rural legacy to all those who come. When you visit the museum, it looks more like a farm than an actual exhibit. The farm includes a homestead with detached kitchen, a smokehouse, the barn where tobacco leaves would be left to dry, and even the outhouse is restored. (Don’t worry, a more traditional bathroom is available for all visitors who need to use the facilities. In total, the museum is over 6,000 square feet. In addition to the permanent exhibit, the museum hosts rotating exhibits on farm life, southern medicine, domestic skills, rural social life, and artifacts. Overall, the visit results in a great time for the whole family. You almost forget that the purpose of the museum is educational.


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