May 17, 2009

The Ice Cream Museum

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Who were the first people to eat ice cream? If you said the Ancient Egyptians, you are either very smart or you have recently visited America’s Ice Cream and Dairy Museum at the historic Elm Farm in Medina, Wisconsin. This unusual museum is housed in the renovated Elm Farm dairy plant. Elm Farm was the last family owned dairy in all of Medina county. While Medina was at one time the country’s largest dairy farming community, one by one the family farms closed down, unable to compete with the giant dairy agro-businesses that were taking over the dairy industry. Finally, only Elm Farm was left. Elm Farm showcases the history of the dairy cow, ice cream and milk, from its beginnings in ancient Egypt through its evolution in America. Kids and grown ups alike will love seeing one of the largest collections of ice cream and dairy antiques and collectibles in the country. Some of the things you will see on your visit to the Elm Farm Dairy Museum include a 1890 milk wagon, milking machines, the first milk trucks, butter churns, cream separators, cheese making equipment, and a display of a 1940’s dairy plant, signs, artwork. Kids can even climb on a lot of the exhibits and try their hand at the real butter churn. Of course the main attraction at the museum is the exhibit showcasing the history of ice cream. As you go through the exhibit, you start learning about the earliest beginnings of ice cream to the present day. Kids can learn about the ice cream parlors that are now all but obsolete yet used to be such an important component of American culture.


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