June 11, 2009

The Bicycle Museum

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If you like to ride a bike, here is a great museum for you. The Bicycle Museum is located in New Bremen, Ohio. But they have an amazing website which they have termed the “Online Bicycle Museum.” It has a wealth of information and of you are unable to get to the physical museum in Ohio, the website is a great place to start. Almost everyone has owned a bicycle at one point in his or her life. Yet how often do we consider the history of the bike. Chances are, if you are like most people, you don’t have a clue as to the amazing history of that two wheeled machine you are riding (or once rode as a kid.) You will be amazed when you learn about the bike at the Bicycle Museum. For example, there were bikes as far back as 1816. There is a picture of the 1816 Draissine Bicycle online and a model in the actual museum. At first glance, this contraption looks nothing like a modern bicycle. But when you look close, you see the wheels, handle bar, and seat. All are different from what we use today, but you can see the similarities. One big change is that instead of brakes, riders back then used their feet to stop. Another historical bike is the one named the “Bone Shaker.” With a name like that, I wonder how many were actually sold. This was the first bike to have pedals. The Pedals were connected directly to the front wheel (which was much bigger than the rear one.) It did have a brake, but the brake could not have been very effective on the iron tires and wooden wheels. The above two bikes are just two examples of the historical bikes than can be found in Ohio at the Bicycle Museum or on its website. They are amazing to look at and really make you think about all the history that went into today’s modern bikes. The current design of pedals that push a chain that is connected to gears that in turn push a rear wheel forward may seem common sense. But when inventors set about to try and build the first bikes, they had to experiment with a lot of trial and error before designs that really worked were found. So if you enjoy riding a bike, you owe it to yourself to visit this great museum in Ohio.


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  1. Patrick Morris said,

    Hi. Commendtions, trawling through the net and came across your wonderful Pc sight.

    Best wishes, Pat

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